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Ladies Here Are The 15 Main Reasons Why Guys Love Your Breasts

You should know that the love affair between guys and female breasts dates back many centuries, maybe even to the beginning, during Eve and Adam’s time. Apart from breasts, a guy is attracted to a woman’s outward appearance like lips, eyes, hair, and skin. (However, there are men who love women without hair, even though that sounds weird.) Guys tend to go out of their way to get a good look at breasts at any time. There are some who even spend lots of money to see women showing off their assets in sweaty private places known as “gentlemen’s clubs”. This is how much guys are infatuated with women’s breasts. Some guys have a size preference when it comes to breasts, but there are those who do not care about that because they simply love breasts. That is why most women catch men looking at their chest instead of other places like their hair or face. Men’s love for breasts makes women worry about the size and appearance of their breasts. They do not want to appear unattractive since breasts are one of the first physical attributes potential partners look at. So why are men so attracted to breasts? Here are fifteen reasons that will tell you why.

1. Guys like How Breasts Look

Guys like looking at breasts since they are pleasant to look at. It does not matter if they are big or small; breasts are one of the things that attract a man to a woman since it is one of the first things they see. This may sound offensive to you, but men cannot help but look at them. Breasts have a sort of charm that draws men to them.

2. Breasts Add Beauty and Poise

Breasts are some of the few body parts in a woman which are curvy. Guys are hard and masculine since they do not have any curves on their bodies. Being curvy is a sign of womanhood and it adds beauty and poise to how women carry themselves. This always attracts guys to women. The size of the breasts does not matter; as long as they are there, men will always stare. In fact, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a man choosing a lady because of her breasts without looking at other physical features and her inner attributes. This is proof that men take breasts to be a serious beauty point.

3. Breasts Are a Sign of Fertility

It has been common knowledge for ages that men are attracted to women who are healthy and very fertile. Breasts are a sign that a woman is fertile. They give the idea that a woman can bear children, as well as nurture them. This is what attracts a man to a woman’s breasts.

4. Breasts Lead to Second Base

Most guys are not aware of this, but those who do use it to their advantage. Breasts are known to lead to second base, as they are an erogenous zone – a place on the body that heightens sexual arousal. When breasts are touched and fondled, it can lead to a woman being sexually aroused. This is one of the reasons men love breasts. Most women love it when a man plays and kisses their breasts. It gets them excited and takes them to a whole new level.

5. Breasts Are Good To Touch

Most men love how breasts feel in their hands. Some men are wild and like to start twitching a woman’s nipples from the get-go. However, most men are gentle with breasts. You will know this when your breasts are touched with care and love. Breasts are soft and supple, which tempts men to grab them. Most women love it when their breasts are touched, and they easily become aroused. Men love how breasts feel since each woman’s body, and therefore breasts, are unique; they can never resist the chance to touch them.

6. Breasts Are a Mystery

When a guy meets a girl, her breasts start to become a source of mystery for him. You will find him most of the time thinking about them and trying to imagine what is hiding beneath the woman’s clothes. He will wonder what it feels like to try playing with and kissing them. The mystery will keep him intrigued until he finally gets to see and play with them. After this, his fascination diverts to other women, and he starts to wonder how their breasts look like. This is a fascination that will never come to an end in men.

7. Breasts Are a Source of Visual Stimulation

The huge difference between guys and women is that guys get aroused visually. They get aroused by just looking at a woman’s body. Breasts that are perky and firm will draw the attention of any man and make him become sexually aroused. He will wonder how they will look without any clothing on them and how it will feel like to touch and play with the breasts. This will always make a man become sexually aroused.

8. Breasts Lead To Awesome Foreplay

Breasts are an important part of foreplay. Foreplay is never complete without a bit of touching, kissing, or sucking on the breasts. Apart from the lips, you can also kiss and touch a woman’s breasts before you have sex. Kissing the lips does not have the same effect as it does on the breasts. A woman gets more turned on when a man plays and kisses them. Be assured that you can arouse any woman by simply playing with her breasts. She will be all yours. This is one area you can never go wrong with when it comes to foreplay.

9. There Is No Cleavage without Breasts

The cleavage is one of a man’s favorite things to see. Dresses or tops that are low-cut and show a bit of cleavage at the top tend to attract a man. If there were no breasts, there would be no cleavage, which is why men love breasts so much. Cleavage tends to tease a man and give him a sneak peek of what to expect underneath a woman’s clothes. It makes a man’s imagination go wild as he tries to visualize what could be underneath.

10. Breasts Offer Comfort

It may seem very weird, but men find breasts very comforting. A man’s bad mood can go away at the mere sight of them. A recent study shows that a man can have a healthier and longer life when he looks at breasts for about fifteen minutes in a day. They help a man stop thinking about the stressful day he had and have a moment to relax. So do not be surprised if you find a man just staring at your breasts without blinking. It is his way of unwinding from the stress of the day.

11. Men like them as a Handle

To be honest, there are some sexual positions where your breasts help a guy hold on as things heat up. Men do not use them for support per se, but they love to incorporate them into sexual acts. Breasts arouse both the man and woman when they are touched and played with. Men are considerate and do not want the breasts to feel left out. During sex, a man will always touch them to take both him and the woman to a whole other level of arousal.

12. They Are a Source of Information

Men love breasts, but most especially the nipple. They love the nipple not only for how it makes the front part of the breast appear beautiful but also for its excellent communication skills. A nipple can tell you if a woman is wearing a bra or not since it tends to stick out. When a nipple is erect, it shows if a woman is aroused or if she is merely cold, depending on the context. Men also love it when you wear a sheer bra since they have a clear view of your breasts. The important thing you should know is that when a nipple communicates with a man, he will always listen.

13. They Are Good Pillows

Life is very tough. At the end of the day, a man will always look for a place to rest his tired head. You will usually find that a man wants to rest his head on your breasts. This is because when a man is cuddling in your arms and resting on your breasts, he can relax and settle his mind. Breasts act like cushions and are very comforting. They make a man feel re-energized and ready to face any problems coming his way. Do not be surprised to see your man falling asleep instantly when he lays his head on your breasts.

14. Men Love To See Them Dance

As much as guys love to touch and hold breasts, they also like to see them in motion. Guys love it when they see breasts bob up and down as you walk, shake as you move, and bounce when you jump. They attract the attention of a man. Men love it when a woman does not wear a bra because then they see her breasts moving freely. Don’t be too shocked to see a man drooling when he sees a woman jumping on a trampoline since it is every man’s dream come true.

15. Men Like How Breasts Work as a Team

There are things that were meant to come in pairs, and one of those things are breasts. They are lovely as individuals but together, they make a beautiful cleavage that can command the attention of any man alive. Just be honest, it would be weird if women had only one breast. There is no way a man would be attracted to that. They work as a team to arouse a man and keep him begging for more. It is clear that guys love breasts. They are one of the things that attract men to women, apart from her lips, hair, and legs. Breasts really do fascinate men as they have a kind of mystery and charm that men can never resist. Therefore, anytime you find a man staring at your breasts, don’t worry that they are not big enough. Just enjoy the attention and even show them off. Remember, you have power in your breasts. Use it wisely.

Why I Went Back To My Boyfriend After He Broke My Heart

I’m a big advocate for never getting back together with your ex. You broke up for a reason. You decided to call it quits instead of putting in the effort to make things work. You lost your chance at happily ever after. You proved you are better off without each other and should both concentrate more on getting closure and less about getting back into each other’s good graces.

Even though I genuinely take those statements as fact, even though I advise all of my friends to move forward without sparing a glance behind, the love of my life — the man I bought a house with and plan on marrying — happens to be the same man who broke my heart months after we met.

Technically, he was never an ex. He was a friend with benefits. He was my first kiss, the first one to hold my hand, the first one to call me beautiful, the one who took my virginity and stole my heart along with it. I met his parents and he met mine, we texted nonstop, we shared secrets… But then he slapped me with the line I’ve heard from multiple mouths since his: I’m not looking for a relationship right now. His heart was still broken from another so he decided to break mine.

When we parted ways, I cried over him for a few months, I hated myself for not being good enough and I hated myself for allowing a boy to make me feel that way.

But then I moved the fuck on with my life. I didn’t waste years mooning over him. I didn’t whine to my friends about how I had lost the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I kissed other lips. I spent some time single and some time in other relationships. I went out with friends. I drank to have fun, not for the purpose of forgetting him. I still had feelings for him, sure, but they did not hold me back. I was able to live a full life without him. I was able to say I am happy without him.

When he made it clear he wanted to get back together, to do it right this time, to be my official boyfriend and create a life together, I didn’t jump at the opportunity. I didn’t run right straight into his embrace. I didn’t automatically give him the second chance he was hoping for.

I thought the decision through. I weighed the pros and cons. Most importantly, I talked to him about why he wanted me again, what his expectations were moving forward, and how he imagined our relationship progressing. I made sure getting back together with him was a good move instead of listening to instinct and accepting him with open arms.

If you are thinking about getting back together with your ex, stop for a minute. Make sure your head, your heart, and your gut are all in agreement. Make sure you are not giving this person permission to break your heart twice. Make sure they are worth the trouble.

If they won’t answer the questions you have about your future together, they aren’t serious enough about you. If they act like you are making the situation overly complicated or waiting too long to make a decision, they don’t want you enough.

If they are serious about committing to you, they will be emotionally mature enough to sit down and talk. They will give you the answers you deserve.

If you are going to get back together with your ex, make sure you both have grown during your time apart. Make sure the reason you broke up is not going to be an issue again in the future. Make sure you are reuniting because it is what you both want, not because you couldn’t find anyone better and are ready to settle before you get too old and rickety. Make sure this person really is your person.

The Real Reason Why Breakups Are Emotionally Devastating

Why are breakups so hard?

Every day, in my inbox, on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, and in person from my friends, I am hit with stories of heartbreak and emotional devastation. I receive countless questions wanting to know where it all went wrong and how to get him back.

Breakups are savage beasts. They rip you apart from the inside out and the pain can almost be unbearable. But have you ever stopped to think about why that is? Why do they wreck us so spectacularly?

A lot of women believe the pain is caused by not having this amazing guy anymore. They believe his absence is causing the pain and thus, getting him back will take the pain away. However, this isn’t necessarily the case and the real reason can often go a little deeper.

As humans, we all have the same core fundamental desires. Some desires feed our animal self (food, water, shelter) while other fuel our emotional needs (love, appreciation, respect). Most of the trouble we experience in life happens when we identify a desire for something or someone outside of ourselves.

The desire to be loved is a universal one. In most relationships, the high experienced is really that of our desire being fulfilled. We cleave to that person, not always because of who they are, but because of how they make us feel (loved, or at least, worthy of love).

If you’re a little shaky in your sense of self-love, then the other person fulfills that void and he comes to represent self-love for you. When he leaves, the devastation is immense. Not only is this person gone, but he also took something fundamental to your very existence, your sense of worth and your need to feel loved.

When a relationship dies it’s so easy to get caught up in longing. You long for the other person, believing he was the perfect man for you. You may also enter into a destructive cycle of replaying every single event in the relationship trying to figure out what you did to mess things up.

The important thing to remember here is it isn’t him you’re missing. The fact that the relationship ended is all the proof you need that this wasn’t the right person for you. What you’re longing for is that love and sense of fulfillment. Realizing this is helpful because it will help you realize that there is an end in sight and that the antidote won’t come through getting back together with him.

It’s also important to realize that trying to figure out where things went wrong is a complete waste of your time. It wasn’t anything you said or did, it was the fact that you relied on him to give you something that only you can provide for yourself.

This topic strikes a particularly strong chord with me due to personal experience.

I once fell very hard for a man that was very wrong for me. On paper, this guy was a mess. He was depressed, unemployed, broke, selfish, and unable to see beyond is own issues to connect with me in a real way.

So what the heck was I doing in this relationship? Well, when I was with him I felt special. Despite his flaws, he could have had his pick of women (now what does that say about us ladies? Hmm … separate topic!) and he chose me. It didn’t matter that he didn’t treat me the way I knew I deserved to be treated or that he didn’t appreciate me in the way that I knew any other guy would. I was the one he wanted to spend his time with, I was the one he came to with his problems, I was the one he opened up to more than anyone else in this world.

While he couldn’t love me in the way I wanted to be loved, he still loved me in the only way he was capable of giving love, and that was enough to keep me around. I was unhappy in the relationship, but it didn’t matter. I was loved.

When the relationship ended, I was a disaster. Rather than taking the time to work on myself, I ruminated over every single aspect of the relationship, trying to figure out what I had done wrong and why I was suddenly no longer worthy of his time or his love.

Since I had no inherent sense of self-worth to fall back on, I continued to outsource the task of gaining self-esteem by going out and trying to attract as much male attention as I could. I would get high off of being “wanted” by guys.

Suffice to say this sort of thing didn’t heal my wounds, it only made me seek out more validation, like a junkie on a constant quest for the next fix. And it didn’t matter how many guys wanted me, at the end of the day, there was only one person’s approval I still longed for (his). No amount of attention or compliments could ever compensate for the fact that the love of my life was gone, and with it, any sense of self-love I once possessed.

In time, I realized that he wasn’t the missing ingredient in my life; self-love was. It took some time, and a lot of inner work, but eventually I did learn to love myself for exactly who I was. When that happened, I could finally see that failed relationship for the toxic mess it really was and I no longer felt any pain or any longing. I had come to a magical place where the only question I had left was: What was I thinking?

People who know their worth and genuinely love themselves can move on from experiences with their heads held high. They don’t see a breakup as a personal failure or as a sign that they aren’t enough. They can look back and say, “I had trouble opening up in this relationship. I’ll work on it so I can be better in my next relationships, “ as opposed to, “I’m emotionally dead inside and can’t open up and I’ll never find love because of it.”

Getting your ex back isn’t going to solve anything until you heal what’s within and take responsibility for the healing.

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